Oscillating Disc Rheometer
Moving Die Rheometer
Mooney Viscometer
Abrasion Testing Machine
Bond Peel Adhesion Test
Compression Set Device
Impact Tester
Shore Hardness Tester
Hardness Tester(IRHD)
Specific Gravity Balance
Spring Testing Machine
Tearing Strength Tester
Thickness Testing
Resilience Tester
Coeffecient of Friction Tester
Spark Tester
Salt Spray Corrosion Chamber
Demattia Flex Tester
Ross Flex Tester
Specimen Cutting Press
Specimen Cutting Dies
RISHIKESH manufacturing various types of thickness gauge to check the thickness of Rubber, Paper, Fabric, Card Board, Films etc. as per IS 3400 ( Part I ) 1977 in various range, throat and accuracy.

Most suitable for checking the thickness of Rubber sheet, Fabrics, Leather, Rexine, Paper, Thin Films and all other flexible materils. It provides a maximum compressive load on the specimen to get exact reading as per IS specification. Hand held thickness gauges are also available in different range and throats.

Exact Compression Thickness Gauge Digital Exact Compression Thickness Gauge
Long Arm Thickness Gauge Digital Thickness Gauge
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