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Suitable for accelerated salt spray corrosion test of protective coating of metallic material, automotive parts and components, electric parts and components, industrial products, etc. Can be used for all kinds of salt spray corrosion tests according to the standards of GB10587-89, GB2423.17-93 "The Basic Environmental Test Regulations of Electric & Electronic Products: Salt Spray Test Method" GB/T10125-1997 as well as equivalent IEC, DIN, MIL and ASTM.

Technical Specification

 Standard chambers  S120s  S450s  S1000s  S2000s
 Plus chambers  S120+  S450+  S1000+  S2000+
 Champers  S120xp  S450xp  S1000xp  S2000xp
 Chamber capacity  120ltr/4.2cu.ft  450ltr/15.8cu.ft  1000ltr/35.3cu.ft  2000ltr/70.6cu.ft
 Mounting format  Bench top  Floor standing  Floor standing  Floor standing
 Loading threshold  250mm/11"  800mm/31.5"  800mm/31.5"  800mm/31.5"
 Chamber external dimensions,  max  W 1315mm/51.8"
 D 680mm/26.8"
 H 800mm/31.5"
 Chamber internal dimensions,  max  W 715mm/28.2"
 D 490mm/19.3"
 H 490mm/19.3"
 Salt solution reservoir ext.  dimensions  W n/a (integral)
 D n/a (integral)
 H n/a (integral)
 Salt solution reservoir capacity  40ltrs/10.5USgal  100ltrs/26USgal  140ltrs/37USgal  140ltrs/37USgal
 Removable slotted sample  racks  4racks each with
 angled slots
 24 angled slots
 angled slot
 28 angled slot
 46 angled slots
 16racks each with
 46 angled slots
 Chamber construction  Glass reinforced plastic, Polyproplyene & PVC parts.
 Color  White & light gray with a striking turquoise canopy
 Temperature range  Adjustable from ambient to +50oC/+122oF
 Salt spray fall - out rates  Adjustable from 0.5 to 3.0ml per 80cm2 per hour
 Standard models  1 phase  1 phase  1 phase  1 phase
 Plus & Premium models  1 phase  1 phase  1 phase  1 phase
 Voltage (VAC) and frequency (Hz) dependant on country/region of  installation Deionised/distilled for topping up air saturator and making salt  solution. As standard, air saturator is topped up automatically and requires a  continuous water connection 0.5 - 6.0 bar (7.3 - 87 psi). if air saturator is  topped up manually, option ACC66 must be ordered clean dry & oil free, 4.0  to 6.0 bar (58 - 87psi) with 75ltrs (2.6cu.ft) per minute flow 3m (10ft)  exhaust pipe is provided with should be terminated outside building 3m (10ft)  drain pipe provided which should be terminated into floor level drain +5 to  +30oC (+41 to 86oF), 85% max RH (non - condensing) ambient.
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