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Specimen Cutting Dies
Integral leveling feet and "bulls eye" bubble - in - liquid glass level;

Height adjustable Pass/Fail Gauge;

Easy - to - read graduated scale, easily adjusts to specimen height;Portable, no power required;

Quality cast frame, stainless steel post and other durable components;

Rugged vinyl dust cover.

  Scale   0-100
  Resolution   1 point increments
  Total Height   559 mm (22 inches)
  Scale Height   406 mm (16 inches)
  Width   248 mm (9.76 inches)
  Depth   241 mm (9.49 inches)
  Specimen Table   180 x 115 mm (7.1 x 4.53 inches)
  Jaw Capacity Height   89 mm (3.5 inches)
  Jaw Capacity Depth   44 mm (1.73 inches)
  Weight   7.7 kg (17 lb.)
  Standards   ASTM D2632
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