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Mooney Viscometer is a shearing disk viscometer, designed for accurate measurement of viscocity, scorch time and cure rates of the elastomers.

The instrument consists of flat, cylindrical disk, driven by a motor to rotate slowly and continuously in one direction. This disk is embedded into elastomer specimen which is confiend in a heated die cavity maintained at specified temprature and kept closed by a specified force. As the disk rotates its experiences a shear strain. This resistance to rotates offered by the elastomer is shearing viscosity which is proportional to mean absolute viscosity of the specimen.

Normally a preheat period is given to the elastomer following which the disk starts to rotate. A initial high viscosity is recorded and then as the viscosity also decreases, to a minimum value Viscosity obtained with large rotor are approximately twice those of small rotor.

The viscosity is reported as under
  • Method of sample preparation
  • Mooney viscosity number
  • Rotor size
  • Preheat time
  • Time interval to viscosity reading
  • Tamperature of test
Typical test results are started as under
= 50ML(I+4) 100C

  • 50M = Viscocity in mooney units.
  • L = Large rotor (for small replace it with 'S')
  • I = Preheat time in minutes
  • 4 = Time in minute after starting the motor at which the reading is taken
  • 100 C = Test temprature

Specification Rishikesh-Viscosoftware

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