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Shore Digital Hardness Tester
RISHIKESH Digital Shore Hardness Tester is designed to measure the hardness value of rubber, plastic, ebonite, fibre and other hard and soft elastomers. The measured hardness value is displayed very clearly and accurately on its large LED display. The hardness tester is available in shore A and shore D type as per international standards.

  • Simple and easy to use key lock to avoid accidental calibration.
  • Inhouse calibration facility provided
  • Separate hand probe with extended cable for easy and comfortable testing.
  • Peak value hold and store in memory upto 9 test or more
  • Large LED display for clear vision.
  • Very light weight probe for quick and accurate application on specimen.
  • Battery and power operated to use inhouse and outdoor test requirements.
  • Standard carry-bag with all test and guarantee certificates.
Technical Specification
Technical Specification Shore A
( Soft elastomers & Soft rubber)
Shore D
(Hard elastomers & Hard rubber)
 Reading range
 Least Count
 Shape of Indentor
 Diameter of Indentor
 Stroke of Indentor

 Probe pressure foot dia
 0 to 100 shore unit
 0.5 shore unit
 Truncated cone : 0.79 tip

 0 to 100 shore unit
 0.5 shore unit
 Sharp cone : 0.1mm tip

 Operating Temperature
 Diamension of Display unit

 Related standards
 0 to 40 deg C
 200 X 155 X 85mm (approx)
 1kg. ( approx )

 ASTM D 2240 / DIN 53505 / JIS K 6253 / ISO 868
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