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Peel or adhesion testing is the measurement of the adhesive or bond strength between two materials. It is performed by applying a tension load to the materials on one of three different ways:

Pulling two flexible materials axially away from each other forming what is called a 'T' peel

Pulling a flexible material away from a non-flexible material or substrate, both held vertically, forming what is called a 180 degree peel

Pulling a flexible material away from a non-flexible material or substrate, which is held horizontally, forming what is called a 90 degree peel

For example separating the backing from an adhesive bandage would be a 'T' peel, pulling the back of a blister pack of tablets would be either a 90 degree or 180 degree peel and pulling the seal from the top of a yoghurt pot would be a 90 degree peel. There are varying degrees of flexibility and shapes creating a wide range of variations of these three basic peel types, requiring a variety of test grips and fixtures.

Benefits of Peel/Adhesion Testing
  • Ensuring the integrity and safety of products
  • Ensuring the proper functioning of adhesive seals e.g. openability
  • Reducing material costs and achieving lean manufacturing goals
  • Compliance with industry standards
A number of standards for testing adhesives seals ad bonds have been developed, such as:
  • ASTM D1876 - 08 Standard Test Method for Peel Resistance of Adhesives (T-Peel Test)
  • BS EN 1895:2001 Adhesives for Paper and Board, Packaging and Disposable Sanitary Products. 180 Degrees. 'T' Peel Test for a Flexible-to-Flexible Assembly
  • ISO 11607-1:2006 Packaging for Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices - Part 1: Requirements for Materials, Sterile Barrier Systems and Packaging Systems
  • ISO 11339:2003 Adhesives - T Peel Test for Flexible-to-Flexible Bonded Assemblies
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