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Shore Analog Durometer
The Shore Round Style Durometer is the most widely used instrument throughout the world for evaluating the hardness of cellular, soft and hard rubber, and plastic material. It is small enough to be carried in the pocket and rugged enough to perform in the most hostile environment. The Round Durometer is designed to satisfy the industries needs for a basic, ASTM D2240-compliant unit with a scale graduated in increments of one durometer point. The analog durometer may be manually applied or, for better repeatability and accuracy, mounted on an applicable operating stand. Designed to meet a wide variety of applications, the Shore Analog Durometer is available in scales A, B, C, D, DO, E, O, OO, OOO-S and M.


Stand For Durometers
Specially designed Stands are used to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of both analog and digital durometer hardness tester readings by ensuring that the presser foot is exactly parallel to the specimen table. Any analog or digital durometer can be mounted on an applicable operating stand. The operating stand is primarily intended for use on a test specimen with parallel sides. Irregularly shaped objects may be tested in a nest or a fixture to make the given surface parallel to the durometer presser foot. ASTM D 2240 specifies three categories of operating stands: Type 1 are basic, manual operating stands. Type 2 is stands capable of controlling the rate of descent. Type 3 are hydraulically, pneumatically or electromechanical driven. Stands that fall into all three categories. For assistance in selecting the proper operating stand to fit your durometer.
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