Oscillating Disc Rheometer
Moving Die Rheometer
Mooney Viscometer
Abrasion Testing Machine
Bond Peel Adhesion Test
Compression Set Device
Impact Tester
Shore Hardness Tester
Hardness Tester(IRHD)
Specific Gravity Balance
Spring Testing Machine
Tearing Strength Tester
Thickness Testing
Resilience Tester
Coeffecient of Friction Tester
Spark Tester
Salt Spray Corrosion Chamber
Demattia Flex Tester
Ross Flex Tester
Specimen Cutting Press
Specimen Cutting Dies
Rishikesh Electromatic Pvt. Ltd. specializes in all your needs for Rubber Testing Equipments.

Rishikesh is a multi product manufacturing company manufacturing wide range of Rubber Testing Equipments like Oscillating Disc Rheometer, Moving Die Rheometer, Mooney Viscometer, Abrasion Testing Machine, Bond Peel Adhesion Test, Compression Set Device, Impact Tester, Shore Hardness Tester & Many More.

The mission statement adopted by Rishikesh has not only worked for centuries but continues to work today.

Rishikesh is a leading exporter of all these Products to America, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea, Indonesia, Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada, Latin America Pakistan
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